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Welcome to our Annual Picnic and Outdoor Summer Mass at the rectory!

"I love thy church, O Lord."
Pine Lake, La Porte, IN

Father Frank giving instruction before the mass.

Before the 9:30 mass
people start arriving early....

to get the best seats!

June Crouse-Blalock
Vestry member

"Hola! Que Tal?"
say Marta Huddleston & Mom, Angela

Alyssa Rosselli & Nichole Huddleston
Our youth, young and older.

The love connection! Webmaster, Rayna Ellis & gentleman friend, Clifford Vance

The wild choir gets a Kodak Moment
with Roy & Gene

Bob Richter and Jack Hodewall
What a pair!

Dori Huber and Phyllis Kelly
Getting things organized.

Oh no! It's the awesome foursome!
JoAnn, Jack, Robert (choir flutist) and Dori
(chief organizer and party planner)

JoAnn and Jack
"We love our church family at St. Mary's"

Bob & Dori

Father Roger and Barb Bell

"Chillin' on the deck."
June Crouse-Blalock and Richard Taylor

Carlie Eldridge

Father Tony Clavier and Father Frank Endres

And you thought you could get away from lines!


Melissa Kleist, Marta, Angela,
and visitor Fr. Tony chow down.

"Don't mess with my food."
This is serious business!

The food is scrumptious!

"We gather together to ask the Lord's blessing."

Richard & June

Our Irish Neighbor
Dee McGarry joins the fun.

Yum Yum, Grandma!

"We are family!"
Carlie & Phyllis (best friends)

Our Arch Deacon and Vicar Father Frank
The friendliest priest you'll ever meet!

Fr. Frank & Sandy's pooch "Squeaky"
She's a "dog-gone" good member.

Squeaky playing with Alyssa & Elise,
Carlie's grandbaby.

Anthony and Nicholas Pazera
our dedicated altar servers

The wild Irish man and his lovely bride
Jack & JoAnn Hodewal

"Summertime and the living is easy."

Gene (choir keyboardist) & Melissa

The awesome Jimmy Buffet Choir!
Roy Dudiak, Alyssa Rosselli, Gene Abraham,
Bob Richter, Sandy Endres, & Barb Bell.

Briana, Carlie, & Jim Eldridge (vestry member)

June in the German Beer Garden!

Father Roger Bell and his dear wife Barbara

Father Frank and our beloved Sandy Endres

Our own ballerina in the choir!
Alyssa Rosselli

Dori Huber & Bob Richter

Always smiling and ready with a funny story.

Father Frank has a thought!.

And He provided for us a beautiful day!
Thanks be to God!

Additional members not pictured: Sister Sarah (Franciscan Nun), Wendy Tilyard, bass guitarist Mike Wood, Spenser Jones (custodian), Sam Musgrave, Jamie Eldridge, Duane Hoestra, and Rosina Klaukel (German exchange student).

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Saint Mary of the Angels

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